I want you to feel charming.

Like an old wise human.

Cause now you're dumb, now your young,

believe me, trust me. 

Yeah now you're young, now you're dumb. Oh darling.

Cause when the life falls 

every pure feeling wants to bring you down,

and the water falls, every tear runs out of your eye.

Out of your eye.


Eine ehemalige Prinzipessa singt sich die Perücke vom Leibe.

Not everyone gets everything

I wasn't given legs.

Now kiss me, touch me, Baby

descale my lonely heart.

I know that you can treat me right,

for you I'm gonna turn the tide.

Human biped fantasies.


Touch me as if I as if I were a human,

as if I were a human.

Wir schwimmen high as a kite,

wir schwimmen high Baby Baby,

high through the night,

wir schwimmen viel Baby Baby.

Move me like a Braut,

that you schleuder on the dance floor,

I meet you at the seashore.


Tell me Baby, tell me:

Hast du eine Flex? Because Absägen ist schön,

I want my fin to be off, for a Loch.


F*** with me (never again)

You crashed the car with us right on the fastlane.

You’re certifiable, there you go, I said it.

Emotions been left right in the flames.

Now you made myself finally regret it.


But you won’t bring me down, never again

I got above that.

It took me thousand years, I’ve had it.

I will not waste a minute to get you back.

So you won’t fuck with me, never again

I got on top that. 


You won’t fuck with me, never again

I got on top that.

You won’t fuck with me, never again

I’ve had it. 


You crashed the car with us right on the fastlane.

It’s been a while and you think I did forget it.

You want me back for more, but I am gone babe.

Don’t you see that the shit is still burnin?

Scheidenpilz (is not my thing)

Describes the daily struggle of having a huge fungi in the house.

Scheidenpilz ist nicht mein Ding aber immer wieder hab ich ihn.

(I can get no) satisfaction

vacances feat. Nico Sauer

Kennt ihr?

avec la sirène extravacance: Finja Messer

NasiNasiNusi (Impro)

Die Nase (lateinisch nasus; altgriechisch ῥίς rhīs) ist in der Anatomie das Organ von Wirbeltieren, das die Nasenlöcher (lateinisch nares) und die Nasenhöhle beherbergt.

Beim Menschen sowie den meisten anderen Säugetieren liegt die Nase im Gesichts­zentrum bzw. an der vorderen Spitze der Schnauze.

we wanna go to space (baby don't you know?)

One morning I woke up and told myself I had to leave this planet Earth. Even if they were only brief moments of confusion, I had to be very sure of my cause. I still can't let go of the feeling, so I ask: Would you like to be my crew?